I believe these memories should ALL be celebrated and I've been capturing them in the Orlando Florida area for 6 years but will travel wherever you take me-even PARIS which we did in 2017! I stand by images and videos that are clean, vibrant, warm and edited with care; But above all, I care about you, treating you with kindness and delivering unforgettable moments that you're completely in love with. Let's make some magic! 

I believe that a single frame can tell a story; that all it takes is one still  moment in time to unveil a piece of who you are. I believe in the magic of love stories, in the long road, in the adventure, in you. I believe that HOW you tell a story matters so our photos and films are crafted with intentionality to not only express creativity and class but to share a part of YOU with the world in the most beautiful way. Here, you'll find moments that bring to life the "in-between" as much as the "important." You'll see the candid joy, the sanctity, tenderness and of course all the wedding day shenanigans!

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Wedding photography is a very personal thing-I get to have a front row seat to one of your most special days ever and that's a huge deal! So I think it's important for you to know a little bit about me. too. Who am I? I'm a 29 year old lover of love. A few years ago I started my own love story and got the wedding I always wanted in May of 2019. So when I say I get you, I mean it! I have been shooting weddings since 2014 and I consider it one of my greatest joys getting to witness covenantal vows time and time again. 

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