I've been capturing memories in the Orlando, Florida area for 8 years but will travel wherever you take me! I stand by images and videos that are clean, vibrant, warm and edited with care; But above all, I care about you, treating you with kindness and delivering unforgettable moments that you're completely in love with. 

Welcome to a place where memories matter, and we honor the present moment. Here, you'll find we bring to life the "in-between" as much as the "important." You'll see the candid joy, the sanctity, tenderness and of course all the ridiculous amounts of unsupervised fun. With that in mind, our photos and films are crafted with intentionality to not only express creativity and class but to share a part of you with the world in a beautiful way. 

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I believe that a single frame can tell a story; that all it takes is one still moment to unveil a piece of who you are. I believe in the magic of love stories, in the promise you make and in all the little moments that go unnoticed. I believe that how you tell your story matters. When you consider choosing me to come along on your wedding day, you're not just handing a girl a camera. You're hiring me for who I am as a human being-the heart I have for love stories, the 8 years I've been celebrating my couples and the 3 years I've spent leaning into my own marriage. I have the honor of understanding first-hand the importance of your wedding day-and I'm not just talking about your vows, or happy tears- I'm most definitely also talking about grandpa breakin' it down on the dance floor...and truthfully about whatever makes this day totally and completely you-

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