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Q: What do most couples spend for their wedding media?

A: Most couples spend $4,400 on wedding photography and videography combined. Each package is customizable and could vary the pricing.

Q: Do you offer prints and albums?

A: Yes! I do offer both prints and albums. Click HERE for a list of ad-ons and more details!

Q: What does "varied times" mean on your pricing catalog?

A: This is referring to the second shooter. My second shooters are always present for the most important moments of the day and when I need them most. Each wedding is different and may not require me to bring my second shooter as early as I arrive or stay as late as I stay. This just means that I will assess your timeline and schedule my second shooters according to what works best with your day. 

Q: What do you and your team wear on wedding day?

A: Myself and my team are normally in mostly black on wedding day so your guests know that we are your fierce photo/video crew! We tend to wear comfortable shoes and we may sometime where darker colors as well. 

Q: Can I see more boudoir samples? 

A: I love shooting boudoir but it's very important to me to respect the privacy of my clients. I have some samples here on my website but I may also show you a few pre-approved galleries in person when we meet.

Q: When can I expect my photos and videos to be delivered? 

A: For photography only or video only, you can expect delivery within 6-8 weeks from your wedding date. If you booked both photo and video, your photos will be delivered between 6-8 weeks and your video will be ready within 12 weeks of your wedding day. It'll feel like the longest 8 weeks of your life but I promise it's worth the wait!