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Q: What do most couples spend for their wedding media?

A: Most couples spend $6,100 on wedding photography and videography combined. This  accounts for all the bread and butter-a full crew and full coverage!  Each package is customizable and could vary the pricing.

Q: Do you offer prints and albums?

A: Yes! I do offer both prints and albums. Reach out for info on my fine art album guide! 

Q: What is your patment process like?

A: 50% is due to reserve the date of the wedding and the remaining 50% is due 30 days before the wedding! I accept checks and bank transfers (these are both easy and free for you!) 

Q: What do you and your team wear on wedding day?

A: Myself and my team are normally in mostly black on wedding day so your guests know that we are your fierce photo/video crew! We tend to wear comfortable shoes and we may sometime where darker colors as well. 

Q: Can I see more boudoir samples? 

A: I love shooting boudoir but it's very important to me to respect the privacy of my clients. I have some samples here on my website but I may also show you a few pre-approved galleries in person when we meet.

Q: When can I expect my photos and videos to be delivered? 

A: For photography only or video only, you can expect delivery within 1-3 months from your wedding date.  For both photo and video, photos will come first and video will be sent out about 3-4 months after your wedding date. But don't worry! I always send some sneak peaks to hold you over! 

Q: Do I get printing rights to my photos?

A: You sure do! You can print anywhere you'd like and you get a print release included in your contract. 

Q: How many images are included? 

A: This ranges from wedding to wedding. Although I include a minimum of 500 images, I never put a cap on how many I deliver and I promise to never leave you a photo you (or you families) might love! 

Q: What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

A: Contractually, I will find a replacement that I feel is at my standard to fulfill coverage and just as great of a job! If I am unable to do so, I return 20% of your collection for any crew member who is missing. 

Q: Do you offer raw images or raw video?

A: Editing a photo is what makes it a complete work of art, so I don't offer any raw photos. When it comes to video, I already include a ceremony "rough cut" in your collection. I also offer additional "rough cuts" of wedding day events so you can have full length first dances, speeches, first looks etc. in an easy way to watch. That is priced at $250.